Mascot Character & Merchandizing Design

in Melaka, Malaysia

Mascots and other character merchandising concepts are simple devices that add personality, warmth and charm. They can personify a company and define a brand’s personality as well as deliver impact and memorability. There is no doubt that mascots are a great way of keeping businesses in the minds of customers.

Fun, Engaging, Defining

Our experienced illustrators and designers in Melaka use their imaginative skills and flair to create beautiful and truly memorable mascots that grab the attention of the target audience and will add real value to your brand.

Our mascot design ground rules…

  • consistent with the brand image
  • appealing to the target audience
  • original and memorable


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Proper Rules

Mascot projects are always fun, and we love them, but we never forget the need to be professional. Our strict rules of project engagement always ap- ply…

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on always fulfilling our side of the deal. So, unlike many of our competitors, we will make as many revisions as are necessary to ensure complete satisfaction.

Your Mascot is Yours

We recognize that you have ownership of the mascot and we accordingly release to you all artworks after final approval of its design, including vector files that allow you to use the mascot design character image practically

If you have a project that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.