Packaging Design

in Melaka, Malaysia

We are committed to creating packaging that will cut through the ever-increasing on-shelf noise and which will help your product sell. We focus on fully understanding the market and the brand to ensure we create packaging designs that consistently reflect it’s positioning. Our packs are inspirational, eye-catching and seductive – packs that will be picked up and taken home!

Robust, Practicable, Efficient

We design packs thats work – that meet the needs of complex distribution chains and make best use of limited retail shelf-apace.

Our packaging design framework…

  • Unique fonts, graphics, formats
  • Memorable and distinctive
  • Clear and easily recognizable
  • Impactful for instant stand-out


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Visually Special

We are particularly adept at creating original and impactful visuals that are specific to the brand or product. These provide a unique point of difference that acts as a further recognition reference for the brand.

Designer Labels

The usually limited space for label printing is a challenge we are adept at meeting. Our label designs recognize the readability factor, a balanced use of white space and the physical characteristics of the pack itself.

Stylish Imagery

Great pack designs invariably incorporate superb photographic imagery. We work with great photographers and we are also highly skilled at retouching and at creating beautiful photographic montages.

3D Pack Shots

Once the artwork had been finalized we will provide, at no extra charge, high quality 3D visuals that are perfect for use in advertising and promotional material.

Managing the Process

We have developed an excellent understanding of packaging print needs and we regularly work with a number of top quality printers in Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. We can recommend best printing options at competitive prices, together with top class quality control and timely delivery.

Adding On-self Impact

Often overlooked, POS material can often be the persuasive difference on the retail shelf. We create shelf talkers, shelf wobblers, even product display packs that will make that difference.

If you have a project that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.