Ancillary Print Services

in Melaka, Malaysia

The world of print offers wide ranging options, beyond those already covered in these pages, for promoting and advertising products and services. The list is almost endless, from large banners to menus, calendars, beermats…

Over the years, we have created designs for a raft of items, always adopting our high standards of professionalism, experience and ingenuity to everything project we work on. We know we can help in just about any aspect of the print business.

Flexible, Knowledgeable, Original

Creative, hard-working print designs that always deliver, consistently on-message, perfectly reflecting the brand image.


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12 Month Awareness

The calendar’s potential as a year long promotional medium should never be discounted, and we never under-estimate the role it can play in reminding and re-enforcing the image and perception of the brand.

Say it Loud…

We create unique, custom-made banners, roll-ups and booths that are visually stimulating and deliver great stand-out, are cost-effective to pro- duce and easy to maintain.

Food & Drink

Menus say so much about the establishment – the style, the ambience, and the expectations. We deliver classy menu designs that are in perfect tone with what is on offer.

If you have a project that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.